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Quality assurance

Construction materials that meet the highest quality standards.

When manufacturing recycled construction products, the materials must comply with stringent quality requirements. We ensure that we meet these high standards by subjecting all our products to stringent ongoing controls.

Environmental sustainability is guaranteed by annual quality inspection by external experts. We subject our recycled construction materials to this inspection in order to establish and ensure that the structural and environmental characteristics of the materials meet the EN 12620:2017 and EN 13242:2014 standards.

All our products also undergo regular in-house production controls in accordance with Austrian (ÖNORM) EN 12620:2014 and EN 13242:2014 standards. In this way, we can guarantee that all materials delivered to our customers are in the highest quality class: U-A.

Furthermore, all RCH Recycling Center Himberg GmbH products bear the quality label for recycled construction materials, awarded by the Austrian quality protection association. This label is only awarded to companies who stand out thanks to high quality standards, independent controls and transparent production of recycled construction materials using the latest technology.

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