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Recycled products

Diverse applications.

Our recycling plant produces high-quality concrete and brick recycled products in a variety of grain sizes. Quality assurance is carried out via in-house monitoring and external controls. This allows us to guarantee product quality and ensure compliance with all legal requirements.

Our products are used in a wide variety of domains. For example, they might be found as lower or upper base courses in road construction, drainage or trench infill, embankments, landscaping and landscape gardening, or on green roofs. Read on to get an idea of the diverse usage possibilities.

Recycled concrete.

Starting material: Concrete rubble

Origin: Demolition work – buildings and underground constructions, roads, bridges, industrial construction

Product: Broken concrete aggregate, RCA 0-32 mm, RCA 0-63 mm, RCA 32-63 mm

Applications: Loose upper and lower base courses, cement-bound base courses, agricultural road construction, aggregate for concrete production, high-quality trench filling material, drainage layers

Recycled brick.

Starting material: Brick rubble

Origin: Brick production, demolition

Product: Brick sand RB 0-2 mm, crushed brick RB 2-8 mm, RB 2-11 mm, RB 5-11 mm

Applications: Aggregate for manufacturing building bricks, concrete and lightweight concrete, stabilisation, drainage layers, infill, embankments, green roofs, landscaping and landscape gardening

Mineral building construction waste.

Starting material: Brick, concrete, natural stone

Origin: Industrial construction and general building demolition

Product: Recycled mineral building waste RMW 0-45 mm

Applications: Trench infill, backfill, embankments, sports field drainage